Stuck Windows

December 8, 2017

Personal Growth, Stress Management

One day I was in an older house without air conditioning, and we needed some cooler air from the outside. I made attempts to open several windows, but I discovered that over the years the wood had swollen unevenly, the joints were no longer square, and several layers of paint had eliminate the spaces that once existed between the windows and the frames around them.

No matter how hard I pulled, pushed, and jiggled the windows, I could not get them to slide up in the frames. The actions and natural effects of all those years made my efforts fruitless.

For decades now I have watched people pull at the windows of their lives, only to discover that the effects of the past nullify their intents. We have to learn to erase the effects of the past—or, in many cases, simply build new windows and frames—before we can smoothly open the windows of our lives.


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