So Much Noise

July 7, 2014

Personal Growth

Around people there is usually a great deal of noise—shouting, honking, loud music, commentators on television, bombs exploding on video games, and words machine-gunned from mouths in every direction.

Why all the fuss? We make noise because we want to be HEARD. We want people to listen. We want to matter. We want attention, and noise is easily confused with attention. And because everyone around us is competing for attention, we have to make even more noise to snare our share of significance. We might actually succeed in briefly getting attention with our noise, but the effect always fades and ends in frustration. What to do? Well, make more noise, of course, but that too is followed by frustration.

Now what? Be quiet, even silent, and then we might just hear the whisper and feel the gentle breeze of love and peace.

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