April 13

The Blessings of Single-Tasking

April 13, 2016

Personal Growth

In these days of simultaneously watching television, surfing the Internet, communicating on Facebook, and texting to our friends, the term multi-tasking has become accepted as a fact of life. But the truth is that we don’t actually multi-task. Our minds cannot focus completely on two things at the same time.

We consecutively task, paying attention to one activity after the other. While texting, we miss part of the dialogue on television. While typing on Facebook, we cannot pay equal attention to a phone call at the same time.

The result is that we connect and disconnect with people every few seconds, and the connections by necessity are therefore superficial. Real connection and intimacy require real time and full attention, which are impossible with multi-tasking.

Every person we talk to deserves our full focus and attention. It is single-tasking that gives us the meaning and joy of life.

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