May 13

Shades of Gray

May 13, 2011

Personal Growth

I observed two people talking about making a choice in their relationships. One of them said, "There are many ways to see this. It's confusing. It's not like life is black or white. It's all shades of gray."

Overall, it's not true that life is shades of gray. Many times a day we come to forks in the road—decisions to be made—and on each occasion we choose to be loving or not, to tell the truth, or not, to think about the needs of others, or to focus on our own needs, to genuinely listen or to push our own agenda, and so on. Mostly our decisions are not fuzzy. They're left or right, 0s or 1s—as in computer encoding.

Each of these choices takes us in the direction of happiness and life or misery and death. As we feel more loved and less afraid, we can see these choices with more clarity, and of course, with more clarity, we make choices that lead to more love and less fear.

Real Love and Freedom for the Soul

Make a choice to live in peace and happiness.


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