July 11

It’s Not Just about the Water

July 11, 2014

Personal Growth

We all know that plants require water. So if we want them to grow, we just give them more water, right? Not necessarily.

In some desert environments, more water is simply not a possibility, so botanists have bred varieties of seed that are especially resistant to drought. The white tepary bean, for example, will sprout and grow even when very little rain falls. Sending its roots as deep as six feet into the rocky, sandy soil, it finds more water so it can flower and bear fruit in high temperatures, even with only one yearly shower.

Many people in Real Love tend to recommend, “Make more calls”—in other words, to get more love. But that’s not always wise. If we get more love every time we sense a lack, our roots become shallow, and we require constant watering.

At some point we must make a decision to send our roots deep—to trust the love we do have—so we don’t wither and die if there are times when actively receiving love isn’t possible.

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