March 2

Remove the Obstacles–Now

March 2, 2012

Personal Growth

Throughout our backyard forest are shallow ditches that allow rainwater to drain downhill to the creek. Without them, the backyard would become a marsh, punctuated by puddles and small ponds.

The many trees drop a great number of leaves all over the place, including into the drainage ditches. Here and there the leaves and silt create obstacles in a ditch, and the water behind the dam backs up, where even more leaves are trapped, increasing the size of the blockage. Upstream from the dam, the water moves very slowly, which allows the leaves to sink to the bottom of the ditch and create more blockages.

Periodically, the blockages have to be removed, allowing the water to flow freely again. Recently I replaced the six-inch pipes that ran under the walkways with half-sections of eighteen-inch pipe, and that eliminated a couple of places where the leaves consistently became stuck.

In our lives, we all experience similar obstacles to the flow of energy and happiness: fear, anger, and more. If we don't attend to their removal, the flow stops, and the obstacles increase.

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