The New Face of Real Love

By Greg Baer M.D.

December 4, 2012

Personal Growth

After 20 years and an investment of more than $3 million to spread this life-giving message, it's time for a massive worldwide transformation. More than half of marriages end in divorce, children are increasingly starving for attention, and 99% of our population suffers from some kind of addiction—food, drugs, shopping, sex, and anger, among others. We don't have time to play around anymore.

To dramatically expand and enhance the growth, healing, and power of Real Love, we need to change the way we present it to the world. I (Greg) and others of the Real Love Family believe everyone has the right to feel genuinely happy. And we can all help. We can STOP further injury to our kids now and for future generations.

We need to ACT NOW! And you are invited to help us be a force for good in the world.

Consistently over a period of twenty years—and intermittently over the history of mankind—Real Love has proven to be powerfully effective in replacing fear, anger and confusion with peace, joy, and confidence.

The message is simply true and effective. We won't ever change that. In order to enhance the growth and spread of the healing of Real Love, however, I believe we do need to change the way we present it to the world.

Why? The world is changing—profoundly and quickly. In the 1800s speakers traveled from town to town, where they stood in the back of a wagon or in the front of a rented building. The whole town came to hear whatever new and entertaining message was being offered. In the 1900s, hundreds of newspapers and magazines spread the news, along with three channels of television.

Now, however, there are hundreds of channels of television, thousands of radio stations broadcasting over the air and Internet, hundreds of thousands of blogs, and ever-exploding new means of communication. And it's all accessible through a phone as big as your hand.

The information available is overwhelming. Each piece or stream of information has a voice, and now there are so many voices that it's very difficult to make any particular voice stand out. That's why so many large companies have resorted to Super Bowl ads and other enormously expensive advertising campaigns. Make no mistake: advertisers use the word "campaign" like generals use the same word when conducting campaigns in a war. There exists a war of information, to make each new thing more visible, more easily heard.

Let me give you another picture of how much information is out there. During the 150 years of 1750-1900, knowledge in the world doubled. Today knowledge doubles every 1.5 YEARS, and by 2020 it is estimated that knowledge will double every 1.5 MONTHS.

This deluge of information has the effect of diluting the information that is most important, as well as distracting us from what we need most. Warren Buffett is one of the few most successful businessmen who ever lived, sifting through thousands of pieces of information every day, and he says this: "In all my experience with life and business, I have learned one thing for certain: There is no power on earth like unconditional love. If you offer that, you have 90 percent of happiness and leadership."

For 72 yrs, Harvard researchers followed hundreds of men through wars, jobs, marriages, children, and more, all to learn what factors in life make the most difference in the achievement of a successful life. When they terminated the study, they published this finding: "Happiness is love. Period."

We MUST get this message of Real Love out to a world inundated with other voices. We can't afford Super Bowl ads, or television campaigns in every major city in the world. But there are marketing methods that have been learned and tested by pioneers in our day that are much more effective than the approaches we have used in years past.

You have seen some of these approaches in television ads: "Call this toll-free number [which is in a huge font and flashing on the screen] right now. If you call in the next 30 seconds, you can own this Ginsu knife, valued at $39.95. But no, for the next 30 seconds, we are offering this incredible knife at the unbelievable price of ONE DOLLAR. That's right, one dollar. But that's not all. If you act now, we'll send you 100 additional knives as a bonus, along with a free vacation in Venice, Italy."

It is our goal to avoid that kind of cheap, pushy salesmanship, but in the near future you will see the following from

* We'll be changing the face of our website. In order to keep a website's appearance current in today's environment, you have to change it dramatically every few years, just as you have to update your laptop computer, along with much of your software. In our generation, everything is changing more quickly.
* We'll be engaging in joint ventures with other companies and authors. They will advertise our products and principles to their email lists—which is incalculably valuable—IF occasionally we will email YOU (the members of our email list) to at least OFFER you the opportunity to view their products. We will not email you anything we believe to be harmful or a sham. (An example of such a joint venture is found below.)
* On our website, we will more openly and actively offer both old and new products. There will be a new emphasis on live webinars conducted by me—Greg Baer. As much as possible, these webinars will be designed to simulate attendance at live seminars. The central motivation in these joint ventures is NOT to sell more products for the purpose of increasing my personal wealth—I live a very simple lifestyle—but to do the following:

(A) Distribute this life changing message more widely. Real Love is too important to set on a shelf and ignore. Remember that I have been invited all over the world to speak to audiences that recognize that this message is THE single most important thing missing from our lives. The entire nation of Sierra Leone is implementing a campaign based in large part on Real Love, in order to heal the wounds of their long civil war.
(B) Create revenue with which we can hire more Real Love coaches and other essential Real Love workers.
(C) Create a MASSIVE call to action that involves as many people as possible, where we can all share unconditional love with the world.

We look forward to implementing these changes with you in the coming months. We believe strongly that you will benefit from what we will be offering.

We believe EVERYBODY in the world deserves to feel genuinely loved and happy, and we believe you can be part of making that difference with us.

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About the author 

Greg Baer, M.D.

I am the founder of The Real Love® Company, Inc, a non-profit organization. Following the sale of my successful ophthalmology practice I have dedicated the past 25 years to teaching people a remarkable process that replaces all of life's "crazy" with peace, confidence and meaning in various aspects of their personal lives, including parenting, marriages, the workplace and more.

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