Pieces of a Puzzle

January 19, 2015

Personal Growth

In well-made jigsaw puzzles, every piece is an individual work of art, with its own colors and shapes—unlike any other piece. But as each piece is properly joined to the others—which can only happen in exactly the right ways—a larger, greater work of art is created.

As people we too are all pieces of a well-made puzzle, each of us different in appearance and character and personality from every other person alive. Each of us is also beautiful, able to perceive things and make choices in ways that no one else can. And yet we are meant to connect with each other, and as we properly fit together we create an even greater work of art, which is impossible without all the pieces functioning individually yet together.

When you observe a puzzle, the absence of even one piece is striking. The whole is dramatically affected. One piece is not more important or beautiful than the next. They’re all just different and all necessary. And so it is with us.

Be yourself. Be content with whatever kind of uniqueness you possess. Then connect with those around you, creating an ever greater masterpiece that would not be possible if you tried to be like someone else. Who you are is both beautiful and necessary, and when you remember that, it’s difficult to feel unworthy.

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