Near-Death Experience

By Greg Baer M.D.

September 24, 2012

For decades now, people have described "near-death experiences (NDEs)," where they have physically died–no breathing or heartbeat. But then they returned to life after a period of several minutes. During that time, they were consciously aware of a place or condition other than the physical world we normally experience.

Anita's NDE

I recently read a book, Dying to Be Me, in which a young woman, Anita Moorjani, described her NDE. These experiences usually follow a sudden trauma, like an accident or heart attack. Then the individual returns to life after some kind of resuscitation. Anita's NDE is unique because she returned to life after being completely riddled with cancer and complete internal organ failure.

In 2006, Anita fell into a deep coma, just short of death. During this coma she was fully aware of herself and what was going on around her. Later she described the people and events in the room with her, down the hall, and thousands of miles away. These types of observations are normally impossible for someone in a coma.

How Anita Felt During Her NDE

Most remarkable is her account of how she felt during her NDE. Her feelings were thoroughly consistent with all the principles of Real Love. I will quote some passages from her book and make some comments:

"I felt free, liberated, and magnificent! . . . I then had a sense of being encompassed by something that I can only describe as pure, unconditional love, but even the word love doesn't do it justice. It was the deepest kind of caring, and I'd never experienced it before. It was beyond any physical form of affection that we can imagine, and it was unconditional–this was mine, regardless of what I'd ever done. I didn't have to do anything or behave a certain way to deserve. This love was for me, no matter what! I felt completely bathed and renewed in this energy, and it made me feel as though I belonged, as though I'd finally arrived after all those years of struggle, pain, anxiety, and fear. I had finally come home."

Love is Our Natural State

It is love that connects us all. Love is our natural state, so when we finally find it, we feel like we've come home. It is remarkable that Anita had "never experienced it before." Tragically, most of us have not. We are surrounded by conditional approval, fear, and confusion.

"Love, joy, ecstasy, and awe poured into me, through me, and engulfed me. I was swallowed up and enveloped in more love than I ever knew existed . . . The feeling of complete, pure, unconditional love was unlike anything I'd known before. Unqualified and nonjudgmental . . . it was totally undiscriminating, as if I didn't have to do anything to deserve it, nor did I need to prove myself to earn it."

These are words I have heard people say many, many times as they have discovered Real Love. We do not require a near-death experience in order to feel the power of unconditional love. We can create these feelings here and now.

The Power of Love Conquers Fear

"The most frequent question people ask me is why I think I got cancer. I can sum up the answer in one word: fear . . . My many fears had manifested as this disease . . . What was I afraid of? Just about everything, including failing, being disliked, letting people down, and not being good enough . . . I was afraid of living, and I was terrified of dying. Fear is very subtle, and it can creep up gradually without our even noticing it. Looking back, I see that most of us are taught from a very young age to be afraid."

Fear is the most powerful immediate force in this world, and we're trained to be afraid from early childhood. Love eliminates fear, and we can learn how to implement this solution whenever we choose.

Referring to her NDE, Anita said, "I was no longer afraid of anything. I didn't fear illness, aging, death, loss of money, or anything . . . I felt invincible." She then chose to return to this life, fearlessly, and within weeks her tumors were gone.

I cannot count how many times people have been filled with Real Love and then told me exactly what Anita felt: "I feel invincible." Love gives us true power, while fear makes us quite insane. Click here to learn more about the complete insanity of fear.

"Where has my fear gone? . . . I can't find the fear anymore! . . . I was in a state of pure joy and jubilation."

There is no fear in love. In the Real Love community, people have reported this consistently.

Love Changes Our Perspective on Everything

Love changes our attitude toward everything. As Anita said, "I felt that people had lost the ability to see the magic of life. They didn't share my wonder or enthusiasm for . . . just being alive. They seemed caught up in . . . the next thing they had to do. It was exactly what I used to do before my NDE. Everyone was so caught up with doing that they'd all forgotten how to just be in the moment."

Feeling loved, and sharing it with others, is perfection. In these moments, we have no interest in the past or the future.

Love changes our perspective even of things we once thought horrible. Anita said, "I found myself with nothing but compassion for all the criminals and terrorists in the world, as well as their victims. I understood in a way I never had before that for people to commit such acts, they must really be full of confusion, frustration, pain, and self-hatred . . . I saw that those who have this particular type of "mental" cancer are treated with contempt in our society, with little chance of receiving any practical help for their condition, which only reinforces their condition. By treating them in this way we only allow the "cancer" in our society to grow. I could see that we haven't created a society that promotes both mental and physical healing."

How can we create such a society? How can we create such a life for ourselves? Love. When people feel loved, they're not in pain and lose the need to behave in harmful ways.

"Just the fact that I existed made me deserving of unconditional love. I realized that I didn't need to do anything to deserve this . . . I realized that the entire universe is composed of unconditional love, and I'm an expression of this."

What You Can Do to Experience Unconditional Love

Anything other than Real Love is a life-sucking illusion. You don't have to suffer an NDE before you can experience unconditional love. Do whatever it takes to fill every moment with the love that unites us with each other and with all the universe. Start by listening to Real Love, the truth about finding unconditional love & fulfilling relationships today.

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