June 3

The Miracle of an Island

June 3, 2016

Personal Growth

All around us people are drowning in the middle of a vast ocean of fear, anger, withdrawal, victimhood, pleasing others, and more. They’ve been drowning all their lives, and they need help. They need to see a choice other than endlessly and painfully struggling for breath as they swallow water.

What can we do? We could jump in the water with them and begin to drown ourselves, but that wouldn’t help either of us, and likely they wouldn’t be attracted to another drowning person.

But what if we became an island? What if we rose up from the ocean floor and became a quiet, calm island nearby? Then people would be naturally attracted to us, wouldn’t they? And with little effort on our part, they would find a place of refuge, a place where they could stand and breathe easily.

But would we not become overwhelmed by number of people attracted to our shores? Not if our island rises from the shelf of a nearby continent, as is the case with most islands. If we are thus supported by a continental shelf—a Divine source of infinite safety—we will never be overwhelmed. As islands we become the means of providing a bridge from the deadly depths of the ocean to the vast shelter of the great continent to which we are attached.

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