October 4

The Lifeboat

October 4, 2017

Personal Growth

Tara sat on the other end of our Skype call with tears running down her face. She was dealing with the pain of her childhood, an imminent divorce, and more. “I want the pain to stop,” she sobbed.

“You really can heal,” I said. “You will heal, and the pain will go away.”


“You’re barely keeping your head above water in the middle of the ocean. And you’re bleeding from wounds everywhere. I can’t heal your wounds—only God can do that—but I can give you a lifeboat to rest in while you gain your strength, and while we wait for a larger boat to take us to the shore.”

Sometimes you see all that pain, or all that water in the ocean—when all you need is to take the next single step. You need a lifeboat, a nourishing emotional meal, or even a good night’s sleep, and the next step will come along—and the next—until you find the firm footing you seek.

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