June 1

Let Love Move the Mouse

June 1, 2015

Personal Growth

Sandy studied Real Love for months, and she did everything she could to learn to apply it—made calls, spent time in person with wise men and women, and more.

She called one day and said, “This gets easier every day.”

“What does?” I asked.

“Loving people. All day I just ask myself, ‘What would love do?’ and then I know the next thing to do. I’m feeling freer, happier, less stressed. It’s like letting love move the mouse around on my computer. When I let love move the mouse, I’m not confused. Life is easier and more fun.”

Every day people ask me what their next step in life should be. Of course the answer is different for everyone, but it’s not a bad generalization to say, “Let love move the mouse, and things will turn out all right.”

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