It’s Just a Cold

August 7, 2017

Personal Growth

During one early afternoon I noticed that I just wasn’t feeling good. I sensed my growing fatigue and irritability, but I couldn’t pinpoint a cause. After a moment or two, I gave up the analysis and simply went on with my day, doing my best to execute tasks and love the people I encountered.

The next morning I awoke with all the symptoms of a cold, and in a flash I understood the “bad mood” of the previous day. I had just been early in the process of viral multiplication, which was accelerating rapidly but not yet achieving numbers sufficient to cause all the symptoms of a cold.

I have noticed a similar phenomenon with people in emotional situations. Sometimes we seem irritable or over-reactive to circumstances or people for reasons that don’t make sense at the time. Later we might realize what past pain or fear triggered our altered emotions in the present—we might realize what gave us an emotional “cold”—but we might not.

Either way, all we can do in the present is to be as loving as possible, refusing to give in to the temptations of blaming others for our discomfort.

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