Are We There Yet?

January 4, 2013

Personal Growth

On a long trip, how many parents have heard their children ask, over and over, "Are we there yet?" In the process, they often miss everything going on around them.

For a child, this question is almost irresistible, but we adults tend to do the same thing, despite our claims to greater wisdom. We fix our eyes on some prize—a promotion, an academic degree, a bigger house, retirement, whatever—and attach our happiness to whether we are "there yet." We look forward to some future achievement with such intensity—"Are we there yet?"—that we miss the real purpose of our entire lives.

There is no destination. The joy is all in the journey. The rewards are in simple and quiet loving moments, connections made, trials overcome with faith, gratitude for people and for lessons learned, and the peace we maintain despite all the distractions around us.

As we realize the value of these treasures, the question "Are we there yet?" fades entirely from our minds.

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