I Help Everybody

May 26, 2014

Personal Growth

The other day Donna and I were eating at a restaurant. It was soon apparent that our waitress had been assigned too many people to care for. She disappeared, so I looked around for help—from anyone. A young man noticed my quizzical expression and cheerfully approached. He wore a name tag that stated, Courtney.

After describing my need, I asked if he was helping out our waitress. He smiled slightly and replied, “I help everybody.”

What kind of world would we have, I thought, if everyone had Courtney’s attitude? There would be no competition, or whining, or shirking, or complaining. People would just cooperate to accomplish the greatest possible good for everyone. I believe I’d like to live in a world filled with people like Courtney. In the meantime, I’ll just try to be like him.

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