February 26, 2018

Personal Growth

A desire to understand is good.
A demand to understand events and people beyond what is reasonable—endlessly asking “why?”—can be destructive.

A desire to heal is good.
A demand to heal too quickly can be disappointing and even hurtful.

A desire to be happy is good.
An insistence on being happy always—with no interruptions—is impossible and guarantees disappointment.

A desire to contribute is good.
A demand to contribute—to control—is harmful.

A desire to learn is good.
Learning without application can become a fruitless use of time and energy.

A desire to grow is good.
A desire to grow without frustration and pain is frustrating and exhausting.

A desire to connect is good.
A desire to connect with some people can be only frustrating and empty.

A desire to love is always good.
An insistence that our love be received is arrogant and usually painful.

Fill your life with desires.
Choose them wisely.

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