March 9

Cost vs. Benefit

March 9, 2015

Personal Growth

When we face a decision about whether to climb a difficult path—usually involving a change in the direction of our lives—often we pause to contemplate the sweat, the aches, the exhaustion, and sometimes the pain that might follow.

It’s only natural that we’d pause to count the cost before making a choice. Often, however, we are intimidated by the price of our ascent, so our pause becomes permanent, and we stay “safe” in a world where risk is minimized.

Counting costs can be wise, but when it’s driven by fear, it can become an excuse for never learning or growing. In addition to counting costs, we need to remember the potential benefits of our intended course.

As we exert ourselves and take risks, we can envision the doors we will open, the summits we will reach, the vistas to be revealed, and the happiness that we cannot now imagine. With this vision, we gain the motivation to begin the climb toward the joy that will be worth every step we take to get there.

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