The Cost of Conflict and Greed

May 16, 2014

Personal Growth

Just this morning I read that Bank of America lost nearly $300 million for the first quarter of 2014 because their LEGAL expenses alone were more than $6 BILLION. Nearly six years ago there was a terrible financial crisis that resulted from—according to a U.S. Senate report—a combination of greed, lies, and undisclosed conflicts of interest, among other causes.

 In short, the crisis resulted from conflict and greed, and the legal expenses of Bank of America were devoted almost entirely to the resolution of lawsuits that resulted from the crisis.

The behaviors we use to minimize our pain—conflict and greed being only a couple of these—are very expensive, in terms of money, happiness, relationships, and more. Real Love, on the other hand, is far less expensive. People who unconditionally care about each other have no need to lie, cheat each other, or fight over the limited supply of Imitation Love.

Learning about Real Love, and implementing it, will often be uncomfortable because of its unfamiliarity, but Real Love is far less expensive than the alternatives.

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