Faith—the Only Sensible Choice

July 3, 2015

Personal Growth

Rarely does a day go by without my talking to someone whose life is truly in peril: they’re depressed, their marriage is disintegrating, a child is making truly awful choices, and more. There simply is no solution to a lifetime of fear, lies, manipulation, anger, and more without taking a leap of faith from where we are to a place of genuine safety. It’s as though we’re standing on the edge of a cliff, and the only way forward is to jump off into the roiling waters far below.

Oh, there are lots of possible excuses for not jumping:

It’s a long jump.
I’m comfortable enough where I am.
I might get hurt if I jump.
I’m not a very good swimmer.
I don’t like getting wet.
How do I know whether the water below is any better than the cliff I’m standing on?

But when we’re unhappy, we’re not just standing on a cliff. We trapped there, with a raging forest fire behind us and racing like a train from all sides to consume us. Now we see that we’re not making a choice about a leap that might be high, or uncomfortable, or potentially painful. We’re talking about a choice between certain death—continuing in patterns that have never worked—and possible happiness. Faith is the only sensible choice, despite all the difficulties and unfamiliarity.

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