Changing Baby Diapers

February 4, 2017

Personal Growth

In the process of raising five children from babyhood—two arrived later in their early teens from a second marriage—I changed thousands of diapers. They were wet, messy, and sometimes smelly and nasty to a degree I would not have thought possible. But I actually enjoyed the task. It was just part of the calling of being a parent. It was a way to love these little children, and because I knew they’d never thank me for doing it, it became a way to love them unconditionally. In time, I scarcely noticed the mess or smell. I was simply grateful that this was a way I could serve them.

With a great many people, interactions can resemble changing a baby’s diaper. Talking to some people—and doing things with them—often can be messy and smelly, emotionally speaking. But every experience with another human being is an opportunity to be unconditionally loving, and if I see it with that perspective, the messes and smells soon fade away. Even with difficult people, I can be loving and learn to be more so, and with practice I become more grateful for all these experiences.

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