Using Your Brain and Your Heart Together

May 12, 2017

Personal Growth

On uncounted occasions I have heard people refer to their living in their heads, or living from their hearts, and usually those two modes of living are described as mutually incompatible. In any given moment, according to conventional wisdom, we are primarily using our head or our heart.

It is my experience, however, that we can use both our head and heart, and we can move rapidly from using one to the other.

People who live primarily in their heads tend to be relatively dead emotionally. We use our heads to solve problems, not to create happiness. People who only feel tend to get confused easily, swayed to and fro by their emotional reactions to events and people.

What if it were possible to use head and heart? We can. We can think in order to eliminate confusion, and to adopt accurate judgments that lead to productive feelings. Our thoughts can complement our feelings of joy and guide us to follow the principles that will enable us to stay in harmony with it.

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