I Already Decided

January 19, 2018

Personal Growth

Mark wrote, “The other day I was in a store carrying way too much stuff. I should have gotten a cart in the beginning, but I didn’t think of it. As I got to the end of an aisle, a woman ran into me and knocked everything out of my arms, spilling all over the floor.”

She felt bad and said, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin your day.”

“Before I had a moment to think, I said, ‘Oh, you didn’t. This morning I decided I was going to have a great day, so I have been. This doesn’t change anything. Don’t worry about it.’”

“Imagine,” he continued in his message to me, “what our lives would be like if we just decided at the beginning of every day that we would be having a great day.”

Yes, imagine. We can make that decision.

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