February 23

Taming of the Alligator

February 23, 2011

Personal Growth

Recently I was carrying my three-year-old grandson, Jack, through a nature preserve in Florida, where we watched a number of alligators sunning themselves at the edge of the water. At one point a large gator moved in the nearby brush, and Jack clung to me in fear.

Gently I turned his face toward mine, and when he was looking into my eyes, I said, "Who loves you?"

Jack smiled broadly, touched my chest with his tiny finger, and said, "You do." His fear disappeared, and he turned to watch the alligator.

Fear is the most disabling condition on earth—for us individually and in our relationships—and the solution is not to protect ourselves. It's unconditional love that banishes fear—for all of us, not just a three-year-old boy.

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