It’s Never Too Late

August 25, 2017

Personal Growth

Recently I attended a group where an elderly, blind man asked to speak. He was helped to a chair in the center of the room, where he said, "I'm 92 years old, and I just learned that I'm a fraud."

The room was silent as this man explained how he had recently learned the principles of Real Love, and how he had realized that he had not been the loving man, husband, or father he had always supposed. But, despite his age, he resolved to learn and to change. We were all moved and motivated by his words and the feeling behind them.

We may think that we have made too many mistakes ever to change. We may think it's not worth the effort to try. But all we really have is the present moment—right now. Right now, no matter our age, we can choose to recognize the folly of our past mistakes and begin the process of changing them.

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