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The answers you need, when you need them. Get in-depth answers to your most difficult challenges in dating, marriage, parenting, personal growth, and in the workplace. You have access to FREE Audio & Video coaching from Greg & more.

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Happy children are cooperative, confident, and creative. We teach you how to parent them with the practical process "LoveandTeach."

Your children will feel loved, be loving and responsible. Parenting does NOT have to be confusing and frustrating.

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Greg Baer, m.d.

Founder of the Real Love Company

Author, Teacher, Relationship Expert

Real Love® for Real Lives

Love doesn't come easily to many people.

It's not always easy to be loving.


With the process I've built for real people just like you, you can create fruitful, fulfilling, peaceful relationships with just about everyone in your life.

I'm Dr. Greg Baer. Like most of us, I was told as a child that if I did all the right things—set my goals high, worked hard, and followed the rules along the way—I would accomplish great things. And it was further implied that, as a result, I would grow up to be happy.

All our lives, we’ve heard people declare that they’d be happy if only they had more money, or a better job, or more sex, or a bigger house, or more opportunity to travel, or something else. I was determined to ensure my future happiness by having an abundance of all those things and more, and from an early age I worked hard to earn them.

By the time I reached my late thirties, I’d accomplished almost every goal I’d ever set for myself, but despite all my successes, I slowly came to the terrible realization that I had not achieved the happiness I’d been promised.

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Use what I've learned to help you become a more powerful and effective parent, partner, person, leader, and co-worker and to help you feel loved, be more loving and responsible.

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Documentaries about Real Love®

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"The principles in this book have impressed me deeply. Dr. Baer has codified succinctly and logically what we all need to significantly improve our lives and our businesses, and he has done so in a way that can be practically applied. I've been sharing this with everyone I know."

Michael Joseph Cortese

Senior Information officer the world bank group

"Parents have to raise children to be happy and responsible in a world that is powerfully distracting them from that path. I can’t recommend highly enough the Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training by Greg Baer. Your children are worth it. They need you to be on top of loving them and teaching them the essentials of a happy life. This is information that every parent needs—right now."

Liz Hale, PhD.


"Real Love is the single most powerful motivator in a leader's toolbox. Clear and unsentimental, this book is required reading for a profitable workplace."

Ken Blanchard

author of the one minute manager

Real Love Learning Center

What is Real Love?

Everyone wants that answer! There's only one kind of love that can fill us up, make us whole, and give us the happiness we all want: Unconditional Love or "Real Love".

Real Love in Parenting

Kids fighting over toys or the screen time that seems to be consuming their lives–all these things make you feel like pulling your hair out, that you're not doing your job as a parent. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can help you raise a child who is loving, responsible and happy. No kidding.

Real Love in Marriage

Learn how to make your husband or wife happy with a thoroughly proven way out of conflict, withdrawal, and unhappiness in relationships.

Real Love in Dating

Learn dating tips, dating and relationship advice that will help you create the loving and richly rewarding relationships you want as you are seeking a partner or dating after a divorce. You will understand the real cause of your fear of commitment.

Real Love and Stress Management

You can learn the truth about why your life is not the productive and joyful experience you had once hoped. You will learn how almost everyone—including you—suffers from a kind of PTSD that causes all their unhappiness and their difficulties in relationships with spouses, partners, children, coworkers, and friends.

Real Love and Personal Growth

Real Love will help you discover who you really are and eliminate fear from your life so you can enjoy genuine emotional health and richly fulfilling relationships with your partner, friends and others. You'll lose your addictions, stop living in the past and stop repeating the same mistakes over and over.

Real Love in the Workplace

Don't continue to hate your job because you find it stressful, meaningless, and unfulfilling, or to be in a workplace with stress, constant conflicts, mistrust, and resentment. You can learn—right now—the principles of effective leadership that will make work more productive and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions. See the full list here.

What is the difference between Unconditional and Conditional Love?

There are few subjects to which more books, movies, and conversations have been devoted than that of love. We all want to feel loved. We think about it, hope for it, fantasize about it, go to great lengths to achieve it, and feel that our lives are incomplete without it. 

I don’t have time to fit another thing into my life. How could I possibly study and practice Real Love?

If you don’t have enough Real Love, you’re not really living. You’re just surviving. It’s like you’re in the middle of the ocean, six inches under the water and breathing through a one-foot tube. Sure, you’re breathing, but is that living? Nope, and if any wave comes along, you’ll choke and gasp. The real question is, “What do I need to eliminate from my schedule so I have the time to find Real Love and genuine happiness?”

What if my partner won’t do Real Love with me?

It would be ideal if both partners in a relationship were to learn how to feel and share Real Love together. But sometimes only one partner is interested in learning and growing. The other partner is paralyzed by fear. People without Real Love are literally drowning, and changing that begins with at least ONE person getting out of the water. Only as you feel more loved yourself can you share with your partner what he or she needs most, which quiets their fears and makes it possible for them to develop an interest in pursuing a higher level of happiness.

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