December 22

A Blessing or a Curse?

December 22, 2012

Personal Growth

We ship out a lot of products from The Real Love Company, and we do almost all of it through the United States Postal Service (USPS). In the area served by the branch office near our office, we ship more product than all but one other customer.

Our shipping department goes to great lengths to make things easy for the post office and for you, our customers. At home we weigh every package, calculate the required postage, and print out labels with every piece of information the USPS needs. So when we take the packages to the post office, we simply piles them on the counter and walk off. At any time the employees wish, they can scan the bar code on the packages and throw them in the "out" bin. We make their job nearly effortless.

All of the employees at the branch office are grateful for our efforts. Except one. He always has something negative to say. "Oh, more work for me?" or "You're back AGAIN?" Donna finds it kind of humorous that there isn't a single positive word that has ever escaped this man's mouth.

By contrast, the other day our mail delivery lady came by the house at just the time we would have gone to the post office, so we handed her piles of stuff to take back to the branch office. I apologized that this would be a lot more effort for her. "Oh, the post office needs the work. We're grateful for your loyal business."

We really do CHOOSE how we feel—about everything. Events and people do not control how we feel. This is absolutely proven by the wide variety of people's responses to exactly the same event.

To be fair, if we've never experienced sufficient Real Love, our emptiness and fear narrow our ability to see choices. When we're afraid, for example, all we can see are choices that protect ourselves. We almost never SEE the many loving choices available to us in any given situation. But we can learn to find love and learn to find additional choices about how we see things, how we feel, and how we behave. When we can do that, it's a miracle.

Real Love and Freedom for the Soul

Replace your anger & confusion with peace and happiness.


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