June 29

The Worst Service Ever

June 29, 2015

Personal Growth

Donna and I were on a cruise with two of our sons, and on the second day we were expressing how grateful we were for the service, the weather, the enjoyment of each other’s company, and more. A woman and her husband got on the elevator with us, and she was spitting venom in every direction. Punctuating her many complaints, she said, “This is just the worst service ever. Why, I . . .” And on she continued.

When she got off the elevator, we looked at each other and smiled, communicating without words that we were enjoying the service very much, thank you.

Being happy really is a choice. This miserable woman was on the same ship we were, along with the same ocean, same food, same kind of room, same amenities. But she was bitterly unhappy, while we were having a great time.

Everywhere we go we can find something to complain about it. That’s not difficult at all in a world with innumerable inherent imperfections—human beings being foremost among them. We can choose to focus on the perfection we don’t have, or we can enjoy the pleasures we do have—human beings being foremost among them. It’s really a choice.

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