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00:00 Teaching Real Love in family meetings; When Real Love parenting becomes second nature
04:40 A lesson in listening; Parents listening to children
09:15 Giving attention/listening - give a specific amount of time if they need to wait
17:50 Family issue: it’s hard to love people we’ve wounded/influenced
19:15 Fear of telling children the truth about your mistakes and children being disrespectful
20:42 Children learning to share; Defining “sense of ownership
29:07 People pleasing/Approval seeking
32:03 Difference between Real Love and Imitation Love: Starving on Imitation Love
37:33 How to plan a wedding – make the “Governing Decisions” first
44:25 Supervisor getting angry at work; how to handle complaining workers
47:33 Cutting; Reacting to old stress in the old way; Don’t judge the details, care about the pain


Parenting, Personal Growth, Stress Management, Workplace

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Greg Baer, M.D.

I am the founder of The Real Love® Company, Inc, a non-profit organization. Following the sale of my successful ophthalmology practice I have dedicated the past 25 years to teaching people a remarkable process that replaces all of life's "crazy" with peace, confidence and meaning in various aspects of their personal lives, including parenting, marriages, the workplace and more.

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