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00:00 Trying RL just a little bit doesn’t work.
05:09 Importance of being seen (by a teacher).
08:58 Why is it so easy to see other people’s truths and not our own.
11:41 How people’s reactions are about their emptiness and fear.
14:16 Dealing with pain, shame regret (from a parent).
21:31 Unconditional love can overcome an addiction (cocaine).
25:41 Parents need to love and teach.
33:53 A woman who hates to be taught.
37:58 A lady who hated being told she needed to change.
41:07 How rescuing children is not loving.
46:57 Children do not need to be punished, just taught every time.
51:29 It is easier to maintain loving rather than move from crisis to crisis.
55:30 How arguing is unloving.


Addiction, Parenting, Personal Growth, Stress Management

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