The Monster Jealousy

June 22, 2015

Personal Growth

Every day I hear from someone who is envious of the accomplishments of another person, or of the attention or praise or whatever other people receive. Jealousy is a real monster that can steal our happiness like a plague. Read more about this at the here.

Where does this almost ever-present jealousy come from? From childhood we’ve seen people earn and trade Imitation Love in its great variety of forms: praise, power, position, titles, sex, pleasure. We’ve also learned that the supply of these commodities is limited. If someone else gets a mountain of praise or power, there is less remaining for us. So we compete for Imitation Love, and in the absence of Real Love and genuine happiness, the competition is fierce. We resent those who get more than we do. When we see their acquisitions—or even think of them—we are eaten up with jealousy, desperately wishing that we could have more of—perhaps all of—what they have.

We can try to control our jealousy, but as long as Imitation Love is all we have, our efforts are doomed to fail. The world of Imitation Love is inherently filled with—and even governed by—competition, manipulation, and jealousy. The only way out of jealousy is to leave that world entirely.

When we find, trust, and remember Real Love, we discover the happiness we really want, and then we no longer NEED Imitation Love, nor are we infected with the jealousy that accompanies that world.

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