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Customer Stories

David Edmondson


Before Real Love came along, I was lost in a sea of mist & fog....I just didn't know it !  I had tried many other self-help groups and healing modalities that seemed to have a temporary positive effect that came and went at the speed of light.

Now I leave and breath Real Love and have now found a level of happiness and peace I didn't know existed. And there is plenty more to come. I'm understanding subtle behaviours all the time,  noticing stuff all around me and learning what love REALLY looks and feels like. I'm also interacting and learning to love people in a way that was alien to me before RL.

Feeling constantly grateful for the learning (and UN-learning) I'm currently going through, and I feel so joyous for others when I see their breakthroughs as they taste happiness for the very first time.

amelia ngai


Before I found Real Love, I was depressed a lot and thought about suicide frequently. I felt alone and anxious all the time. I turned 31 and was unemployed and believed I'd never get a job. I felt like a total loser and a leper to society. I  had alienated everyone who had once been a friend and had cut off contact with my family. I was sure they were judging me for being a failure along with all my high achieving friends. Every time I heard of or saw something about one of my past friends, I went into a debilitating spiral of shame and self-hate.  I felt like a total worthless complete failure in life and pretty much hit rock bottom.

That's when I met Greg Baer and he saw me, and I felt worth the air I breathed for the first time in a long time. He was the first friend I had in a long time, but he was more than any friend I had had: he was a father and protector. I was so relieved. I had felt temporarily worthwhile when I had a boyfriend, but never anything like this. I now had someone who was really there with me to help me through every struggle in life.

I got a job, made friends, and served others.  None of it was easy as I had never learned how to live life. I was spoiled and entitled and often fought with Greg because change was so uncomfortable. I had no idea how to interact with other human beings.  

He taught me how to overcome challenges instead of withdraw from them. He taught me how to have courage and persist in manifesting my visions and solutions even if my boss, leaders, or friends were not on board with them,  or even completely opposed to them. I really learned to stop basing all my actions on the reactions of other people. This has been so liberating.

Today I can finally be the person who I've always wanted to be, not the person who is paralyzed by fear, constantly anticipating the other shoe to drop, and playing small because it's safe. I finally have the power that comes from feeling unconditionally loved.

As I keep pressing forward, I become healthier and more able to empower others who have been victimized or stuck. Real Love,  unconditional love, can truly change us and gives us wings to soar!