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If you don't learn what an unconditionally loving partner really is, and how to be an unconditionally loving partner, you will repeat the same dysfunctional miserable relationships again and again. Who wants that? I didn't and was willing to do anything so as not to repeat.

When I read this and learned what unconditional love really is and HOW to live that way, it changed my life.

I read it out-loud with a friend of interest on the phone that I barely knew. We learned about unconditional love, how to tell the truth and what it means, how to find an unconditionally loving partner, and how to know if __(name)__ is or can be an unconditionally loving partner.

WOW! it was amazing....we are now married and happier than either of us ever thought was possible. We had no idea that a relationship like this could exist.

Don't even consider dating someone beyond 2 dates without reading this together out-loud and talking about every element; it will save you a whole bunch of time, headache, heartbreak, and misery. 


I absolutely love this book! It is life changing! Everyone should read it! I am a happier, healthier person because I have read it and try to apply it to my life.